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Showcasing Band, Chorus, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts

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This performance-based class focuses on basic instrumental skill development and music reading. The goal of this class is to teach students the proper way to hold and play a brass, percussion, or woodwind instrument with the characteristic tone quality of the instrument. Students can elect to play their instrument of choice with the band director’s approval and recommendation. In addition to large group ensembles, individual growth and achievement are encouraged through participation in solo and ensemble festivals, district honor bands, and private lessons.

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This performance-based class focuses on learning to use the vocal instrument to create a healthy and pleasing sound. In addition to learning proper vocal production and technique, students learn music reading skills, sight-singing skills, and performance skills. Students sing literature with and without accompaniment in up to three parts. Chorus offers opportunities for students to develop team building and leadership skills.

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Introduces and refines basic dance knowledge, terminology, and skills through various dance forms with an emphasis on ballet, jazz, and modern techniques. Students learn about dance history and movement sciences as they relate to injury prevention and technical training. Students participate in a formal performance and demonstrate proper dance etiquette in the classroom and in the performance environment.



Students incorporate sensory and emotional experiences and observation techniques into presentational theatre activities. They apply vocal and movement techniques appropriate to theatre activities and presentations. The students learn beginning technical theatre skills such as lighting and staging. Students begin performing in local school productions and participate in activities and workshops to enhance drama skills.



Expands on previous course through more in-depth exploration of creating, presenting, and responding to art, while connecting the world of art to other areas of learning and personal endeavors.

The Arts: Activities
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